Here is the basic outline of the ID line. This can be copied to notepad and the information filled in with the corresponding information that can be found below.
Position/Rank Name/Squad/Platoon/Company/Battalion/Regiment/Planet/VEA (awards)(medals)

Positions :
PRF - Prefect
XO - Executive Officer
CoD - Commander of Development
CoT - Commander of Training
TO - Tactical Officer
XX:A - Adjutant to XX (where XX is the CO's abbreviation)
RC - Regiment Commander
BC - Battalion Commander
CC - Company Commander
PL - Platoon Leader
ESL - Elite Squad Leader (no elite squad at the moment)
SL - Squad Leader
ETRP - Elite Trooper (no elite squad at the moment)
TRP - Trooper
TRN - Trainee

Officer Ranks :
GM - Grand Moff
MF - Moff
SML - Surface Marshal
HG - High General
GN - General
LG - Lieutenant General
MG - Major General
BG - Brigadier General
HCL - High Colonel
COL - Colonel
LTC - Lieutenant Colonel
MJR - Major
CPT - Captain
1LT - First Lieutenant
2LT - Second Lieutenant

Enlisted Ranks :
SGM - Sergeant Major
1SG - First Sergeant
PSG - Platoon Sergeant
SFC - Sergeant-First Class
GSG - Gunnery Sergeant
SSG - Senior Sergeant
SGT - Sergeant
CPL - Corporal
LCP - Lance Corporal
PFC - Private-First Class
PVT - Private

If you have questions about your ID line, contact your Squad Leader.