Basic Training - The start of a trooper's career in the Vast Empire Army. Training is conducted by the Commander of Training. This course is designed to familiarize the trainee with the Army and how it runs. Completion of training gains the recruit the rank of Private-First Class and placement into Drill Squad. If the Commander of Training is pleased with a trainee by either their skill or speed of completing training, he has the choice to award the Letter of Recommendation [LoR] which may be worn on the ID line and shows that the trainee is willing to work.

Drill Squad Training - Drill Squad familiarizes the trooper with the more intensive part of the Army. Writing reports, posting on a story, playing games, and things of that nature. When the Squad Leader thinks that the trooper has shown that he is capable of working together with his squad-mates, he will pass the trooper, sending them to a full duty squad.

Squad Leader Training - When a trooper of sufficient rank (Sergeant and up) shows his ability to lead and a position is open, the Commander of Training is called upon again. The trooper is trained in leadership skills, giving reports, knowledge of the Army, and is also watched closely as he deals with day-to-day problems.

Officer Training - When a trooper of sufficient rank (higher Sergeants in most cases) stands out among his peers, he is considered for Officer Training. The Commander of Training and the Prefect perform this test on IRC in a private channel. Knowledge of the contents of this test are restricted to the Army High Command.

Another form of training is what goes on inside a squad. Squad Leaders sometimes host a gaming night or a short story for their squad, or even for others to join in as well. This is highly supported by the Command Staff, as it gives the Squad Leader a chance to see what it is like to lead a project, as well as a chance for others to hone their skills.